Legion 2011 – Show & Sale

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Another semester, another Show & Sale! Another Show & Sale, another post from us here at HSTA about how amazing our Show & Sale was…seriously. Once again, we were blown away by the professionalism, the quality and breadth of work, proud of the amount of participation from every in-season certificate and VCAD, and incredibly pleased with the response from the community. To make a bad pun, they came in legions. We keep saying it, but it only makes it more true….each time, our Show & Sale gets bigger : more work, more students, more visitors, more sales. Still only in its infancy, the bi-annual Show & Sale has proven itself to be a “don’t miss” event and here at HSTA we congratulate all of  our students who participated and thank the legions from the Haliburton Community and beyond who came out in support of the emerging arts and our Campus.

Alumni Spotlight: Deborah Murphy

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Image:  Beans from Kitchen on Canvas

HSTA- VCAD and Glassblowing alumni, Deb Murphy, has recently been announced as an artist-in-residence at the newly resurrected Art in the Park at Pukaskwa National Park. Deborah will be in residence Friday, June 3 – Wednesday, June 8, 2011.

Approaching 60 and obsessing with the transience of life, Deborah resurrects life’s rejects in the materials she uses – from the fungi in her Gooderham, ON yard to the electrical wiring from her husband’s work to the windows from her godparents’ home.  “My art escapes me with the force of a robust fart that refuses to be contained; accompanied by laughter and protests of surprise,” she says.  Pukaskwa can’t wait to spend some time laughing with Deborah this spring! While in residence, Deborah will be offering workshops (Details to TBA.)

The resurrection all started with a local artist prompting, begging, nagging staff at the Park to bring back Pukaskwa’s Art in the Park program. They listened, and there’s no better year for it – this year marks 100 years for the world’s FIRST national parks system. Parks Canada is celebrating its 100th, and HSTA is proud that Deb is a part of it.

Pukaskwa located at the end of Highway 627, 15km south of the TransCanada Highway 17. The closest communities are Pic River First Nation and Heron Bay, also on Highway 627, and Marathon,a 25 minute drive west of the park. It is a 4.5 hour drive northwest of Sault Ste. Marie, ON and a 3.5 hour drive east of Thunder Bay.

Pukaskwa is a spectacular wilderness park located on the most rugged and wild section of the Lake Superior coast. Tucked into this shoreline is the 67-site Hattie Cove Campground. Known for its quiet and intimate feel, Hattie Cove is the sort of hidden gem the pulls visitors back year after year. But , Lake Superior makes its own weather. Even in the summer months, visitors should expect cool temperatures. Daytime highs rarely go higher than 25°C and evenings can be chilly around the fire. On the bright side, the days there are long!

Congrats again Deb!

New Artist-in-Residency in Wood Buffalo

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Call for Submissions: New Artist Residency, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Fort McMurray
The Artist in Residency Program in Fort McMurray is the first of its kind in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. The program supplies artists with a dedicated studio space in a converted, multiuse facility that can provide from three to six studios. This innovative and unique opportunity commences June 6, 2011 and will continue for three months.
The program will enable a blend of emergent as well as mid-career artists to not only create and explore, but also, to exchange ideas and insights within a multi-disciplinary environment. The residency includes the studio space (with no associated fee), delivery of an artist talk (15-20 minutes), demonstration and instructional opportunities and the display of artwork completed during the three-month program at a group exhibition in a
local gallery.

Each artist in residence will be asked to become an ambassador for the regional art community during their stay. As ambassadors, the artists will be required to host open studio hours once a week at a time when the public can access their workspaces.

Canadian visual artists who are interested in Wood Buffalo’s new Artist in Residency Program are invited to submit a proposal before April 22, 2011 at 4:30 p.m. For this initial residency, we are only
accepting proposals in the following mediums:

• Painting (acrylic & watercolour)
• Digital media
• Drawing
• Textile & Fibre Arts

Applicants will be selected according to the quality of work submitted, their demonstration of commitment to serious practice and their explanation about how the residency will meet their artistic objectives. Short-listed applicants will be notified by April 29, 2011 at 4:30 p.m.

Click here to download application.

Hello Haliburton ed.1 – Art Centres

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First and foremost, lets talk art centres in Haliburton!

With a huge community of artists, it is impossible to cover all the art events, talks and support available to an artist new to Haliburton right from the get-go, so let us start with some “must-visit” places…


 Located in the Heart of Haliburton Village, the Rails End is a public gallery that boasts world-class exhibitions, often featuring local artists amongst a mix of thought-provoking shows. The Rails End is also the location for the VCAD foundation student’s year-end show, an amazing coup for an emerging artist’s CV. Curator Laurie Jones is often the smiling face that greets you at the doors and admission is by donation. Every exhibition also has an opening, a great opportunity to get out to meet the artist(s) behind the show as well as members of the local arts community (plus free snacks!) Located at 23 York St (a 5 min. drive from the College.) Visit their website for a list of current exhibitions.


As an integral part of the Minden Hills Cultural Centre, the AJG is located in the river town of Minden. A bit of a jaunt from Haliburton, it is worth planning a group trip! As the other public gallery in Haliburton, the AGJ regularly hosts 9-11 exhibitions a year, once again featuring many prominent and emerging Haliburton artists/artisans. AJG is known for releasing regular calls for submissions and its curator, Laurie Carmount, often participates in year-end reviews of graduating certificate programs. In fact, in 2008  the AJG curator was so impressed by the Fibre Arts Certificate’s presentations, that the gallery launched a call for fibre arts submissions for a 2010 show, out of which a graduate of the Fibre Arts certificate was chosen as 1 of 27 artists (out of which 5 were local.)

The AJG holds the largest collection of the works of the Canadian Artist, Andre Lapine, who often painted in the Haliburton Highlands along with the Group of Seven and was renowed throughout Canada for his paintings of horses. The Agnes Jamieson Gallery has recently updated its mandate to focus on Canadian landscape, not only referencing the permanent collection and the surroundaing landscape but the growing resurgence of landscape work within the fine art community. Located at 176 Bobcaygeon St ( a 20 min. drive from the College.) Visit their website here.





Established in 2007 as the home of the Maple Lake Artisans Collective, the Art Hive is not only a gallery and cafe featuring 100% local art and crafts but a meeting place for artists. With monthly get-togethers,  such as Crafty Girls (every 3rd Thursday of the Month), workshops and events,  such as the Fashion Fallies (every September), the Art Hive represents  a fun and welcoming gathering place for artists in Haliburton County.  Many of its past and present members are HSTA alumni and it remains a strong voice for collaborative efforts as a path to financial security for artists/artisans, particularily in its support for emerging artists.  Visit the Hive, just outside of West Guilford at 10239 on Highway 118 (a 15 min. from the College.) Visit their website here.

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