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Ian Turner

“There’s a photograph of my sister and I, taken when we were still quite young, as we painted watercolour masterpieces along the shoreline of our family cottage on Georgian Bay. The photograph, as well as the painting that I made that day, have been perpetually preserved, laminated side-by-side into a placemat. On the underside is another watercolour I made around the same age:  a copy of a Tom Thomson waterfall from the McMichael Canadian Collection. The placemat is sort of faded now; bits of dry macaroni and cheese give it a rough texture. It doesn’t look like much, but thinking of it now, it represents the foundation of my artistic life.”  Ian Turner

I graduated from high school a year after my classmates, following a botched attempt at becoming a professional cyclist. A fresh start and new direction were required: I jumped the first freight train headed for Vancouver, intent on studying science at Simon Fraser University. Perhaps not quite so intent after all, as alas! I spent too much time on sketching trips in the mountains and not enough time studying chemical formulae… They sent me packing, needless to say, precipitating my return home to Toronto, now somewhat rankled and directionless. What seems like an obvious conclusion to my apathetic state was much less clear at the time, when I hesitantly – to put it mildly – signed up for a few art courses in the city. I was lucky and had good teachers; I met with positive feedback and encouragement.

I came to the Haliburton School of The Arts – Fleming College last fall with a desire for a thorough grounding in drawing and painting: to be beat over the head with the fundamentals, like an apprentice in Michelangelo’s studio. What I greatly appreciated about the school was the friendly intimacy and lack of pretension that might have turned me away from a larger institution, much like a young Claude Monet turning a cold shoulder to the Académie.

I don’t imagine any artist can ever ignore or escape from the influences of their childhood, even if they wanted to. The work of men such as Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris, and J.E.H. MacDonald, will always hold a special place in my heart, and rightly so. But, as I have grown and my creative vision and personal awareness have widened, I have felt the need to stretch. My inspiration as an artist comes from a wide appreciation of artists throughout history and in my current practice I am exploring styles from the Renaissance to the Abstract Expressionists, in order to develop a more intimate relationship with art history. With so much information available to us, with the evolution of the Internet, our shrinking world, and the greater availability of books and publications, we, as artists, have access to more knowledge and inspiration within our field than ever before.

Presently working out of a studio in Toronto which, in a former life, was best known as my sister’s bedroom – one of the perks to having a sibling studying out-of-province – I am applying myself with my characteristic conscientious enthusiasm, haunting the halls of the Art Gallery of Ontario, and slowly laying waste to my bank account with open studio life drawing/painting sessions across the city.

This coming Fall, I will begin my studies in Art History at the University of Toronto, questing ambitiously after my Muse. Though in all due modesty, I find myself less and less prone to chancing upon a book touching on art or an artist that I have yet to read.

Look out for me at Exhibitions in the near future. In addition, I, like many of my illustrious apotheosized forbears, am always grateful for commissions.

A handshake in thought,                                                                                                                                                                                      Ian Turner

Interested parties may contact Mr. Turner by phone at 416 423 5526 

Shanghai Cowgirl – Exhibition May 1st to May 31 2011

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You’re Invited!  To an exhibition of photography, by John  Davidson and Corin Ford Forrester -an HSTA Alumni of our Photo Arts Certificate, during the month of May in Toronto.  They’d love it  if you could join them for the opening reception May 1st from 5-8pm at  Shanghai Cowgirl (restaurant) 538 Queen St. West (east of Bathhurst). 

For more information on Corin,  you can check out

The Painters Five

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Featuring HSTA instructor Ruth Read. Ruth currently teaches Drawing- An introduction to Basics (July 25-29 2011) in Haliburton School of the Arts summer program and is also an instructor in the Dual Credit program instructing High School students from Lindsay and Bowmanville in a college-level course, where they simultaenously acheive a high school course and a college credit plus valuable experience within post-secondary education in the Arts.


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Visual and Creative Arts Diploma Class Exhibition
March 9 to March 24, 2011

When you attend this show, you are along for the ride on a journey that has just begun for these artists. “THIS” provides some insight into the progressive nature of student work, that is at turns playful, pensive and sometimes pretty darned hard to get a handle on, and that’s ok! It is through experiments, concept development and creative risk taking that students develop their artistic voice. By intention, no finished work is shown. This is the third year in a row the Rails End has presented a peek at the inner world of VCAD.

Meet the Artists at a Reception Wednesday March 9 from 4:30 – 6 pm.

Hello Haliburton ed.1 – Art Centres

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First and foremost, lets talk art centres in Haliburton!

With a huge community of artists, it is impossible to cover all the art events, talks and support available to an artist new to Haliburton right from the get-go, so let us start with some “must-visit” places…


 Located in the Heart of Haliburton Village, the Rails End is a public gallery that boasts world-class exhibitions, often featuring local artists amongst a mix of thought-provoking shows. The Rails End is also the location for the VCAD foundation student’s year-end show, an amazing coup for an emerging artist’s CV. Curator Laurie Jones is often the smiling face that greets you at the doors and admission is by donation. Every exhibition also has an opening, a great opportunity to get out to meet the artist(s) behind the show as well as members of the local arts community (plus free snacks!) Located at 23 York St (a 5 min. drive from the College.) Visit their website for a list of current exhibitions.


As an integral part of the Minden Hills Cultural Centre, the AJG is located in the river town of Minden. A bit of a jaunt from Haliburton, it is worth planning a group trip! As the other public gallery in Haliburton, the AGJ regularly hosts 9-11 exhibitions a year, once again featuring many prominent and emerging Haliburton artists/artisans. AJG is known for releasing regular calls for submissions and its curator, Laurie Carmount, often participates in year-end reviews of graduating certificate programs. In fact, in 2008  the AJG curator was so impressed by the Fibre Arts Certificate’s presentations, that the gallery launched a call for fibre arts submissions for a 2010 show, out of which a graduate of the Fibre Arts certificate was chosen as 1 of 27 artists (out of which 5 were local.)

The AJG holds the largest collection of the works of the Canadian Artist, Andre Lapine, who often painted in the Haliburton Highlands along with the Group of Seven and was renowed throughout Canada for his paintings of horses. The Agnes Jamieson Gallery has recently updated its mandate to focus on Canadian landscape, not only referencing the permanent collection and the surroundaing landscape but the growing resurgence of landscape work within the fine art community. Located at 176 Bobcaygeon St ( a 20 min. drive from the College.) Visit their website here.





Established in 2007 as the home of the Maple Lake Artisans Collective, the Art Hive is not only a gallery and cafe featuring 100% local art and crafts but a meeting place for artists. With monthly get-togethers,  such as Crafty Girls (every 3rd Thursday of the Month), workshops and events,  such as the Fashion Fallies (every September), the Art Hive represents  a fun and welcoming gathering place for artists in Haliburton County.  Many of its past and present members are HSTA alumni and it remains a strong voice for collaborative efforts as a path to financial security for artists/artisans, particularily in its support for emerging artists.  Visit the Hive, just outside of West Guilford at 10239 on Highway 118 (a 15 min. from the College.) Visit their website here.

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