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A piece of jewellery is evidence of the creative process. It embodies the technology, the medium, and the artist’s message in a work that can be pinpointed in time and place. As for the craft, one simply has to visit  shows such as the One of a Kind, or check out a local studio tour to recognize that artisanal jewellery is one of the most successful and growing areas in craft today!

HSTA offers the Jewellery Essentials Certificate in the winter semester, where students are encouraged to explore personal style in conjunction with developing the skills and techniques to design, fabricate, and finish basic jewellery forms. The 15-week program is delivered in an intensive format, and is the equivalent to two semesters of full-time studies. Studies in design, drawing, and history for jewellers provide a strong foundation for exploring fabrication, chain making, surface decoration, casting, forming and stone setting. In this certificate, students will be exposed to, and analyze jewellery from different eras and cultures, and encouraged allow these influences to integrate into their own original studio work. Design principles will be integrated into course activity in order to help students explore the challenges of form and function.

Students will learn to use hand tools competently in order to design and construct basic jewellery forms. Through technical and exploratory exercises and practice students will develop skills in the use of the polishing machine, flex shaft, drill press and oxygen / propane torch system with which they will anneal, solder, decorate and finish their forms. There will be a special emphasis on the appropriate use of shop equipment and the health and safety procedures essential to work practices in the jewellery studio. Special attention will be paid to the appropriate use, handling, storage and disposal of chemicals.

This course will further develop and strengthen techniques used in Jewellery Fabrication I & II as well as introduce advanced techniques requiring greater skill and accuracy. Specifically, these include the use and function of hinges and skill in making tubing from sheet metal. Students will develop further understanding of metal and its working properties to apply to assignments and or projects.

Students in the Jewellery Essentials Certificate will work with sterling silver, copper and brass. The chemistry of metals will be addressed while learning about various methods and techniques. Development of technique, personal style and expression will be facilitated by individual and group critiques and keeping a studio journal.

For more information on the Glassblowing certificate and how you can apply for 2012, contact program coordinator Jennifer Bain , or by calling 705-457-1680 or visiting here ( – jewellery essentials) for more information.

HSTA Alumni featured in Muskoka Magazine May 2011

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The May issue of Muskoka Magazine features recent alumnus, Joy McCormack.  Joy attend the Drawing & Painting Program in fall of 2010.  She has promoted HSTA’s programs since the moment she walked through our doors through conversations with others, presenting her experience at Huntsville Rotary, and now in her recent coverage in Muskoka mag.

Muskoka Issue – Page 1

Muskoka Issue – Page 2

Muskoka Issue – Page 3

Home, Sweet, Home – HSTA’s Sustainable Building program’s 2010 project wins Award

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Congratulations to our Sustainable Building Design Team!

The 2010 project, a Habitat for Humanity home built in Peterborough, has won “Affordable Home of the Year” at the Inaugural Home Sweet Home Competition presented by Ontario Green Spec.

The Home was nominated by Habitat for Humanity Peterborough and District for its  innovative partnership that built a healthy, efficient, green and affordable home, incorporating local student talent from Fleming College’s Sustainable Building and Design Construction program.

This home included:
– low flow everything;
– rain barrels;
– minimal construction waste;
– providing bike storage and transit access;
– a host of local Ontario products;
– R35 structurally insulated straw-bale panels;
– solar hot water;
– radiant in-floor heating;
– an HRV and condensing furnace;
– targeting LEED Platinum;
– all for only $210,000.
On top of the outstanding ecological and economic accomplishments, this project also earned high social merits thanks to the student involvement through Fleming College.

What the Judges Liked: Everything! While this home was acclaimed in this category, it is an exquisite example of what is desirable and possible in the field of green affordable housing. A family was provided with a quality, healthy, efficient home while the students gained valuable hands-on research and construction skills in how to make affordable housing ‘green’ and ‘green’ housing affordable.

For more information on the Competition and HSTA’s win visit here

For more information about the Sustainable Building Design and Construction program visit here.

Shanghai Cowgirl – Exhibition May 1st to May 31 2011

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You’re Invited!  To an exhibition of photography, by John  Davidson and Corin Ford Forrester -an HSTA Alumni of our Photo Arts Certificate, during the month of May in Toronto.  They’d love it  if you could join them for the opening reception May 1st from 5-8pm at  Shanghai Cowgirl (restaurant) 538 Queen St. West (east of Bathhurst). 

For more information on Corin,  you can check out

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