Integrated Design Diploma

January 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

pullup The Integrated Design Diploma program, starting September 2014, is not like other design programs. Well, let’s face it…everything we do here is a little bit different. And this program is no exception. Integrated Design is our most innovative option yet!

This one-of-a-kind experience will provide students with fundamental design skills and the critical thinking needed to become successful designers in the 21st century. Integrated Design takes a hands-on approach to material culture, sustainability and fine craftsmanship.


glassThe first two semesters will be broken down into five categories:

Dream, Experiment, Collaborate, Communicate, and Apply.

Students will analyze the unconscious mind, work with metal, glass and clay, focus on sustainability, study typography and become versed in several software applications – and that’s only a portion of the material offered in this intensive program!

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgThe third and final semester is a “choose your own adventure”. Students will apply their learning to a hands-on certificate specializing in Artist Blacksmith, Ceramics, Fibre Arts, Glassblowing, Jewellery Essentials, Painting & Drawing, Photo Arts, Sculpture, or Sustainable Building.

mugsThe Integrated Design Diploma program will not only give students a foundation in Design, but it will connect them with their own identity through conceptual exercises meant to tap into their dreams, desires and visions for a sustainable future. Students will experiment to find new ways of working, and to develop their own unique design processes.

Start in September and transform your future!

SirSandfordFleming_1Haliburton School of Experimental Art + Design… We’ll Get You in the Right HEAD Space

For more information:  or contact           1.866.353.6464 ext. 6708

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