Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That You Can Make Yourself (For Relatively Little Money)

May 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

ImagePaint a picture – landscape, portrait, abstract, whatever you’re good at (even stick figures work!) – frame it, wrap it, and give it to mom!

Gather old buttons, a key ring, some round nosed pliers, wire cutters, some heavy gauge craft wire, maybe some ribbon for a splash of colour, and create a whimsical key ring…

Take a walk and pick up a few scrap branches (the kind good for home décor not dog fetching toys). Gather some flower-coloured tissue paper (white, red, blue, yellow), maybe some nice rhinestones, and with the help of a little glue, make some lovely decorative branches that won’t perish!

ImageGet a blank journal and decorate the cover of it to suit mom’s tastes: seed packets & dried flowers for a gardener, stamps and travel pics for a globetrotter, spill nailpolish and glitter across the top for the glam-mam, decorate with flour and cut-out recipes and a mini wooden spoon for the cook… and voila! A customized journal! (If all else fails, pick up some pre-made scrapbooking stickers to paste on)

Stroll through a stream bed and find some nice smooth river rocks about the size of a quarter (can also be readily purchased inexpensively at dollar stores), using heavy gauge wire and some pliers, create some wire-wrapped rock napkin rings. Perfect for Mother’s Day Dinner!

Dust off the ol’ drill, find a relatively straight-ish piece of wood about 10” long, drill a small hole at about a 20° angle, pick up a nice aromatic set of incense sticks: rustic incense burner!

Have you still got silk flowers collecting dust in your house? Clean ‘em off and attach pin-backs (hot glue works great!) to make a beautiful brightly coloured brooch! (Alternatively, you could use new non-dusty ones as well…)

Write a poem, print it in calligraphy on some nice paper, and frame it. It doesn’t even have to rhyme… Just whatever comes to mind!

Go through some old photo albums and whichever pics you have of your mom, set them aside and put them into a multiple-picture wall frame; maybe with that poem centered in the middle…

Put together a booklet of mom’s favourite recipes. Add in user reviews at the bottom (real or not) and pics if possible. Call it “Mom’s Top Secret Book of Recipes” or the “Top 100”. Who knows? Maybe you’ll go home with a plate of those favourite chocolate chip cookies…


If all else fails… sign mom up for a week-long course at the Haliburton School of The Arts summer school!

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