Calling All Metal and Glass Sculptors!

May 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Are you ready for the UEFA Cup?

Heineken is looking to create some aluminum can art for an upcoming event on May 19th. They were told that HSTA is a great place to start looking for some talent…

They’re looking for two idea submissions as soon as possible, to be created in time for the 19th of May for an upcoming Heineken UEFA (world cup soccer) screening party in Toronto. Art must reflect Heineken and/or soccer imagery. Materials will mainly be cans or bottles and will be provided by us. Other materials are acceptable as long as the main component is Heineken cans or bottles.


You will be paid for your work! Interested parties should submit ideas to as soon as possible!


If anyone is interested they must be of legal drinking age, 19+.

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